44 Inspirational Good Night Wishes & Quotes 2020

"You, Will, Be the Last Thing I Think Of Before I Drope A Sleep And The First thing I Think Of When I Wake Up. Good Night Sweet Dreams."
"Each Day I Wish That My Dream Will Come True, Then I Remind That I Am Now With You. Good Night."
"Every Night You Sleep Is A Single, That A New Starting Awaits You."
"One Day We Will Never Have To Say Good-Bye, Only Good Night."
"Touch Your Heart & Close Your Eyes, Dream Sweet Dreams & Sleep Tight."
"I Wish I Was There To Hold You Tight, Alternate Of Just Sending You This Loving “ Good Night”."

"It Wàs The Possibility Of The Darkness, That Made The Day Show To Bright, Have A Dreamful Night."
"Day Is End, Night Has Come, Today Is Gone, What’s Done Is Done, Embrace Your Dreams, Thought The Night, Tomorrow Comes With A Whole New Light."
"Night Is To See The Dreams & Day Is To Make Then Real, So It's Good To Sleep Now, & See The Dreams, Good Night."
"Always End The Day With A Positive Thought, No Matter How Hard Things Were, Tomorrow’s A Fresh Opportunity To Make It Better, Good Night."
"Stars Can't Sparkle Without Darkness. Good Night, Sweet Dreams."
"I Don't Dream About You, Because I Can Never Fall A Sleep Thinking About You."

"Here Is Short Line To Keep In Touch, Because You Are Everyday On My Mind Very Much, Good Night."
"At The End Of The Day, Keep Your Spirits High, Tomorrow Is A New & Amazing Day."
"I Am In My Bed, & You Are In Your Bed, One Of Us Is In The Wrong Place, Have A Beautiful Good Night."
"Make Sure To Be Thankful Before Bed, When You Think About Now Will Complete The State Of Your Dreams. Good Night!"

"As You Fall A Sleep, I Want You To Recall What A Fool Person You Are, Remember That I Admire You & Care For You. Good Night, Sweet Dreams."
"Tonight I Would Talk A Thousand Miles, Just To Be With You, Missing You My Love."
"Your Bed Just Called Me, It Sad That Is Wanted You, & Me To Join It In My Dreamland, Get Lets Moving & Answer The Call."
"Dear Sleep, I Know We Had Many Problems, When I Was Younger, But I Love You Now."
"You Can Not Wake Any Person, Who Is Pretending To Be A Sleep. Good Night!"
"The Sun Is Sad Now, But The Moon Dances In Joy, Although The Sun Is Depressed As Seeing You Go, The Moon Gets Enjoy The Whole Night."

"Wishes Should Be The Key In The Morning, & The Lock At Night, Good Night."
"Sleep Is The Best Meditation. Good Night, Sweet Dreams!"
"While You Dream, I Wish That Each Hope & Aim Comes True, I Just Want You To Receive Everything That You Have Wished For."
"A Person Should Forget His Anger Before He Lies Down To Sleep, Good Night."
"Go To Sleep, In The Peace God Is Awake, Good Night Sweet Dreams."
"Early Sleep & Early Wake Up, Gives Health & Makes You Grow. Good Night!"

"Always Remember To Fall Asleep, With A Sweet & LovlelyDream, & Wake With A Purpose."
"Fear Can Keep Us Up, All Night Long But Confidence Makes One Fine Pillow, Good Night."
"Each Night, I Hope That The Moon Is Large & Bright, & You Will Be Happy & Right, When You Switch Off The Light Keep In The Mind, I Am Dreaming Of You."
"The Day Is Busy Enough To Keep Me Occupied, In The Quiet Of The Night, I Start To Really Miss You, Good Night Sweet Dreams."
"When You Can Not Sleep At Night, Have You Ever Thought May Be Its God Saying, “ We Need To Talk And You Now Have Time."
"Worrying Will Never Change The Outcome. Good Night!"
"The Night Breeze Is Blowing Through, My Hair & The Soft Touch Reminds Me Of Your Kisses, I Wish I Didn't Have To Miss You This Much, Good Night."

"The First Step To Getting Anywhere, Be In My Thoughts, Each Day That We Are Together, In The Best Day Of My Life."
"Always Kiss Your Children Good Night, Even If They Are Already Asleep. Good Night."
"The Sun Loved The Moon So Much, He Died Every Night To Let Her Breathe."
"I Like The Night, Without The Dark, We’d Never See The Stars. Good Night."
"There Are So Many Beautiful Dreams To Be Happy, Sweet Dreams."
"The Stars And Moon Arrive Just, To Wish You A Good Night, Let The Light Of The Moon, Guide Your Dreams As You The Pass The Night Away."

"Never Say Dreaming Is Useless Because Life Is Useless If You Cant Dream. Good Night Sweet Dreams."

"Whenever You Have A Dream Inside Your Heart, Never Let It Go Because, Dreams Are The Tiny Seeds From Which A Beautiful Tomorrow Grows, Have A Wonderful Night."

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