37 Beautiful Good Morning WhatsApp Status 2020

"Whenever You Are, I Pray That God's Love Be With You, Whenever You Go, I Pray He Will Protect You, Whenever You Do, I Pray That Happiness Fill Your Heart, Because You Deserve Every Good Gift, A Wonderful Life Can Hold. Have A Sweet & Lovely Morning."
"Life Is Full Of Beautiful Things, Soft Sunsets, Beautiful Rainbows, Delicate Flowers, Love & Laughter Precious Moments & Fantastic People Like You, Good Morning."
"There Is No Greater Wealth, In This World Than Peace Of Mind, Good Day."
"To Be Happy You Must, Let Go Of What's Gone, Be Grateful For What Remains, & Look Forward To What Is Coming Next, Have A Wonderful Day."
"One Day Brain Asked Heart ' Why Are U Sending Message To All People, Without Any Reason, Lovely Reply By Heart To Brain, ' You Need Reasons, But I Need Relations. Good Morning."
"A Doctor Can Save Your Life, A Lawyer Can Defend Your Life, A Soldier Can Give You A Peaceful Life, But Only God Can Give You Forever Lasting Life. Have A Good Day."
"Every Teacher Once Was A Student, Every Winner Once Was A Looser, Every Expert Once Was A Beginner, But All Of Then Have Crossed The Bridge Called Teaching & Learning."
"You May Delay, But Time Will Not Have A Wonderful Day."
"If You Want Happiness In Life, Then Never Be An Owner Of Love, Always Be An Owner Of Love, Good Morning."
"Life Can Never Promise You To Be Happy Always, But Life Gets Better After You Accept All Things, You Just Can't Change. Good Morning."

"Never Underestimate The Power Of Prayer, One Small Prayer Change You & Your Life Forever, Good Day."
"Every Little Smile Can Touch Someone's Heart, No One Is Born Happy, But All Of Us Are Born With The Ability To Create Happiness. Have A Great Day."
"Whenever You Don't Understand What Is Happening In Your Life, Just Close Your Eyes, Take A Deep Breath & Say "
"If God Is My Boss, & I Am His Employee, I Am Very Thankful For My Every & Each Day Salary, Called Life, With Benefits Called Blessings, & A Reward Called Eternal Life. Good Day"
"One Great Lesson I Learned From My Life, There Is No Any Market For You Emotions, So Never Advertise Your Problems & Your Feelings, Just Show Your Attitude. Good Morning."

"Don't Copy The Behaviour & Customs Of This World, But Let God Transform You Into A New Person By Changing The Way You Think, Then You Will Learn To Know God's Will Always For You, Which Is Good & Perfect. Have A Great Day."
"Believe That Something Fabulous Is In The Corner, & It Has Your Name On It. Have A Good Day."
"Have Faith Keep Your Head Up, Your Thoughts Positive & Your Hear Open To The Blessings On The Way. Good Morning."
"A Beautiful Life Does Not Just Happen, It Is Build Everyday By Prayer, Humility, Sacrifice, & Love. Good Morning!"
"Two Words That Can Change The Way We Approach Our Life, "
"Life Is A Book, "


"As You Start & End The Day, Be Thankful For Every Little Thing In Your Life, You Will Come To Recall How Blessed You Really Are. Good Morning."
"Someday Everything Will Make Perfect Sense, So For Now, Laugh At The Confusion, Smile Through The Tears, & Keep Reminding Yourself, That Everything Happens For A Reason. Have A Great Day."
"The Heart That Loves Is Always Healthy, The Heart That Serves Is Always Happy, The Heart That Cares Is Strong, & I Pray That God Keeps You Healthy, Happy & Strong. Good Morning."
"God Always Has Something For You, A Key For Each Problem, A Light For Every Shadow, A Relief For Every Sorrow, & Plan For Every Tomorrow."
"May God Touch You With Kindness, Compassion & Love, Have A Great Day, Good Morning."
"I Depend On God Alone, I Put My Hope In Him, He Alone Protects & Saves Me, He Is My Supporter & I Shall Never Be Defected, Good Day."

"Lord, Look At My Family, With Your Eyes Of Love, Help Us To Face Difficult Times, I Pray You Fill Our Hearts With Your Peace Lord, I Know We Can Overcome, Every Problem With You, Good Morning."
"Let Go Of The Things, That Hurt You, But Never Forget What They Thought You, Have A Nice Day,"
"I Keep My Eyes Always On The Lord, With Him At My Right Hand, I Will Not Be Shaken."
"Some Relationships Are Like Tom & Jerry, The Tease Each Other, Knockdown Each Other, Irritate Each Other, But Can't Live Without Each Other. Good Morning,"
"May Your Day Be Blessed, Your Morning Bright, Your Evening Filled With Sprite, May You Dine On Joy, Feast On Hope, Beath In The Graceful, Light Of Love Good Day."
"The Beautiful Thing About Today, Is That You Get The Choice To Make It Better Than Yesterday, Have A Great Day."
"Its Time To Just Be Happy, Being Angry, Sad, & Overthinking Isn't Worth It Anymore, Just Let Things Flow, God Morning."
"My Life Is Overflowing With Joy Love & Happiness, Have A Beautiful Day, Have A Beautiful Morning."
"Honest Relations Are Like 'Water' No Colour, No Shape, No Space But Still Very Important For Whole Life. Good Morning, Have A Nice Day."

39 Great Inspirational Good Morning Wishes & Sayings In English 2020

" Blessing Of Grace & Peace, Be With You Today, Tomorrow, & Everyday, Good Morning. "
" Good Morning, May Your Cup Filled With Happiness & Blessing S Today, Have A Good Day."
"If Somebody Wants To Be A Part Of Your Life, They Will Seriously Make An Effort To Be In It, No Reasons, No Excuses, Good Morning. "
"A Beautiful Life Does Not, Just Happens, It Is Build Everyday By.....Wishes, Prayers, Humility, Sacrifice & Love. Have A Sweet Morning."
"Difficult Road, Often Advantage To Beautiful Destinations, Have A Great Morning."
"Every Day Is A New Beginning, Take A Deep Breath, Smile & Start Again, Have A Fresh Morning. "




"All The Complications Are Stuck Between, Mind & Matter, If Don't Mind, It Doesn't Matter, Have A Wonderful Day. "
"Every Day Hold The Possibility Of A Surprise, Good Morning, Have A Great Day. "
"Sometimes The Greatest, Test In Life Is Being Able To Bless Somebody Else While Going Through Your Own Disturbance. Have A Nice Day. "
"A Happy Person Is Happy, Because Everything Is Alright In His Life, He Is Happy Because His Attitude Towards Everything In His Life Is Alright. Good Morning. "

"The Greatest Motivation You Can Ever Get Is To Know, That You Are Motivate To Others, Wake Up & Starts Living A Motivational Life Today."
"The World Is Full Of Nice Persons If You Can't Find One, Be One..... Good Morning."
"Recall, Who You Really Are Today, Know That You Too Have The Power Of Overcome, Anything You May Be Facing, Its Time For You To Rising & Shine."
"The Line Between Failure & Success Is Admirable, That We Are Often On The Line And Do Not Know It. Have A Good Day."
"Sending The Warmest Wishes Your Way, Let Them Brighten Up Your Day, Just Like Morning Sun Rays, Good Morning."

"Good Morning "
"How To Have A Beautiful Day, Smile At Strangers, Slow Down Say Thank You, Give Lots Of Compliments, Dress Properly, Wear Perfume, Observe & Listen, Be Charming, Laugh Wish Others A Lovely Day."
"Being Happy Or Sad, Gloomy Or Exited, Moody Or Permanent, Are Options That Are Presented To You Each Morning, You Just Have To Make The Right Choice, Have A Nice Day."
"When You Arise In The Morning, Think Of What A Precious Opportunity It Is To Be Alive, To Breath, To Think, To Enjoy, To Love. Good Morning."


"Stop Thinking Of What Cloud Go Wrong & Start Thinking Of What Cloud Right. Good Morning, Have A Beautiful Day."
"When You Do Something Special & Nobody Noticed, Do Not Be Sad, For The Sun Every Morning Is A Beautiful Spectacle And Yet Most Of The Public Stills Sleeps."
"Every Day Is A New Stating, A New Blessing, A New Hope, Its Perfect Day, Because Its God Gift, Have A Blessed, Hopeful, Perfect Day To Tart With Smily Morning."
"Good Morning, Life Laughs At You When You Are Upset, Life Smiles At You When You Are Happy, But Life Salutes You When You Make Happy Others."
"Every Sunset, Gives Us One Day Less To Live But Every Sunrise Gives Us One Day More To Hope, So Hope For The Best, Good Day & Good Luck."
"Gods Greatest Blessing Is Waking You Up, That's How Fabulous He Is, That's How He Shows His Love, Good Morning."
"Every Morning Starts A New Chapter In Your Story, Make It A Great One Today."
"The Purpose Of Life Is To Live It To Taste Experience To The Utmost, To Reach Out Energetically & Without Foe Newer & Richer Experience. Have A Fabulous Day."
"Let Go Of All The Desires That frustrate Your Progress & Move, Towards Your Purpose, Have A Nice Day, Good Morning."


"The Way You Get Out Of Bed Will Lay The Infrastructure Of The Day That Lies Ahead, So Wake Up With A Cute Smile & Walk Out With A Bounce In Your Step."
"The Beauty Of The Morning Is Wasted On Those Who Sleep Through It, Don't Be Like Them, Capture The Day, Make It Your Own, Get A Head Start On Those Who Waste The Beauty Freely Guaranteed To Them. Have A Good Day."
"Each New Morning Gives You Chance To Learn, To Strive & To Be Better, Then You Were The Day Before."
"Saying "
"The Morning Sparkles Upon Everyone The Same, Its Beauty Is For Rich Or Poor Alike, You Are Not Less Than Anyone Else In The Eyes Of The Morning."
"Night Tells You Everything Is Gloomy, But Morning Brings The Msg Of Hope & That Things Are Not As Bad As They Seem, Good Morning."


"The Morning Is Not The Enemy Sent To Torture Us, It Has Been Designed To Help Us, The Morning Gives us Some Quit Time Of Reflection, So W Can Improve Ourselves."
"Greet The Morning Right & You, Will Feel Damaging About Yourself, It Is An Attitude You Can Use When Relating To Others, Treat Them Right, & Y0u Will Feel Good About Yourself."

30 Beautiful Good Morning Wishes & Quotes In Hindi For WhatsApp

"Khwaahisho Ko Jeb Me Rakh Kar Nikla Kijiye Huzoor, Kharcha Bohat Hota Hai Manzil Ko Paane Ka, Have A Great Day."
"Zaroori Nahi Har Tohfa Koi Cheez Hi Ho, Pyaar, Parwaah Or Izzat Bhi Bohat Acche Tohfe Hai, Kabhi Kisi Ko De Kar Dekho, Zindagi Me Hamesha Khushi Milegi, Good Morning."
" Din Me Ek Baar Apne Dill Ki Adaalat Me Zaroor Jaya Karo, Suna Hai Waha Kabhi Galat Faisle Nahi Liye Jaate Hai, Have A Good Day."
"Na Dooriyaa Hone Se Rishte Kamzor Ho Jaate Hai, Na Hi Paas Rehne Se Rishte Toot Jaate Hai, Ye Toh Ehsaan Hai Us Mann Ke Dhaage Ka Jo, Yaad Karne Se Or Bhi Majboot Ho Jaate Hai."
"Kaam Aisa Karo Ki Ek Nayi Pehchaan Ban Jaaye, Zindagi To Har Koi Kaat Leta Hai Yuhi, Naam Aisa Karo Ki Tumhaari Misaal Ban Jaaye, Have A Great Day Ahead."

"Mithi Muskaan, Teekha Gussa, Or Namkeen Aansu, In Teeno Ke Swad Se Bani Hai Recipe Zindagi Ki, Kabhi Kabhi Narajgi Bhi, Khushi Se Zyada Special Hoti Hai, Kyo Ki Muskuraahat To Sabke Liye Hoti Hai, Lekin Gussa Sirf Unke Liye Hota Hai, Jinhe Hum Kabhi Khona Nahi Chahte, Khush Rahe, Muskuraate Rahe, Have A Wonderfull Day."
"Acche Logo Ki Ek Khaas Baat Hoti Hai, Woh Boore Samay Me Bhi Hamesha Acche Bane Rahte Hai."
"Haath Duaao Ka Maa Baap Ne Chupke Se Sir Par Rakh Diya, Khush Raho Keh Kar..... Or Hum Nasamajh Zindagi Bhar Kismat Ka Ehsaan Maante Rahe, Good Morning."
"Acche K Saath Acche Bane Raho, Magar Boore Ke Saath Boora Mat Bano, Kyoki Heere Se Heera To Tarasha Ja Sakta Hai, Lekin Kichad Se Kichad Saaf Nahi Kiaa Ja Sakta Hai, Koi Apka Boora Kare Wo Karm Uska, Lekin Aap Kisi Ka Boora Na Karo Ye Dharm Aapka Hai, Have A Beautiful Day."
"Waqt Guzar Jaane Ke Baad Hi Aksar Ehsaas Hota Hai, Jo Guzar Gaya Wo Lamha Behar Tha, .....Lein Afsos Mat Karo Jo Aane Wala Hai Kya Pata Wo Usse Bhi Behtar Ho."

"Zindagi Chahe Ek Din Ki Ho Ya Chaar Din Ki, Jiyo To Har Pal Aise Jiyo Ki Zindagi Tumhe Nahi, Tum Zindagi Ko Mile Ho, Have A Beautiful Morning."
"Kitne Anmol Hote Hai Ye Apno Ke Rishte, Koi Yaad Kare Na Kare Phir Bhi Intezaar Unhi Ka Rehta Hai."
"Nahi Or Ha' Ye Do Bohat Chote Shabd Hai Zindagi Ke, Lekin Unke Liye Bohat Sochna Padta Hai, Hum Zindagi Me Bohat Si Cheezo Ko Kho Dete Hai, Jaldbaazi Me ' Nahi ' Or Der Se 'Haa' Bolne Par."
"Hume Apne Aap Hamesha Khush Rehne Ke Tareeke Khojne Chahiye, Museebato Ka Kyaa Hai, Wo To Khud Hume Khojti Rahegi, Have A Good Day."

"Log Barabar Kehte Hai, Ki Zinda Rahe To Dobara Milenge, Lo Hum Aapse Kehte Hai, Ki Hamesha Milte Rahoge To Zinda Rahenge, Wish U Happy Sweet Morning."
"Sar Jhukaane Ki Khoobsurati Bhi Kyaa Kamal Ki Hoti Hai, Sar Dharti Par Rakkho, Or Duaaye Aasaman Me Qubool Hoti Hai, Good Morning."
"Talaash Me Guzar Gayi Zindagi Saari, Ab Samjh Me Aaya Ki Khud Se Bada Koi Humsafar Nahi Hota."
"Rakh Himmat Woh Manzar Bhi Aayega, Pyaase Ke Paas Wo Samundar Bhi Aayega, Thak Kar Na Baith E Manzil Ke Musaafir, Manzile Bhi Milegi Or Jeene Ka Mazaa Bhi Aayega, Have A Great Day."
"Zindagi Ke Imtehaan Me Koi Number Nahi Milte Janaab, Jab Log Aapko Apne Dil Me Jagah De De To Samjh Lena Aap Paas Ho Gaye Hai, Good Morning."
"Jo Chehra Paas Na Ho To Uski Aawaz Me Khush Raho, Koi Rooth Jaaye Aapse, To Uske Andaaj Me Khush Raho, Jo Laut Kar Nahi Aaye, Unki Yaado Me Khush Raho, Kal Kisi Ne Nahi Dekha, Isliye Apne Aaj Me Khush Raho."
"A Khuda Tu Sabki Hifazat Karna, Jaan Kisi Ki Bhi Ho Sab Ko Salaamat Rakhna, Dard Choo Kar Guzar Jaaye, Aansu Na Ban Paye, Aaye Jo Aandhi To Sabko Bachaaye Rakhna, Have A Good Day."
"Duniyaa Ka Sabse Behtareen Tohfa Waqt Hai, Kyoki Jab Aap Kisi Ko Apna Waqt Dete Hai, To Samjhna Aap Use Apni Zindagi Ka Wo Pal De Rahe Hai, Jo Dobara Laut Kar Nahi Aayega."
"Manzil Se Keh Do, Abhi Pahucha Nahi Hu Main, Maana Ki Museebate Bohat Hai, Magar Abhi Tehra Nahi Hu Main, Good Morning."
"Zindagi Ko Aasaan Nahi, Khud Ko Mazbo0ot Banana Padta Hai, Sahi Waqt Kabhi Nahi Aata,..... Mile Hue Waqt Ko Apni Mehnat Se Sahi Banana Padta Hai."

"Agar Koi Aapki Ummeed Se Jeeta Hai, To Aap Uske Yakeen Par Khara Utariye, Kyo Ki Ummeed Insaan Usi Se Karta Hai, Jise Wo Khud Ke Sabse Kareeb Maanta Hai, Wishing You A Beautiful Morning."
"Zameen Acchi Ho, Khaad Acchi Ho, Lekin Paani Khara Ho To, Phool Kabhi Khilte Nahi, Bhaav Acche Ho, Karm Acche Ho, Lekin Vaani Agar Kharab Ho To Rishte Kabhi Tikte Nahi."
" Zindagi Me Ye Dekhna Zaroori Nahi Hai Ki Koun Humse Aage Hai, Ya Koun Peeche Hai, Ye Bhi Dekhna Chahiye Ki Koun Hamare Saath Hai, Or Hum Kis Ke Saath Hai, Kyo Ki Kisi Se Judna Badi Baat Nahi Hai, Magar Hamesha Jude Rehna Bohat Badi Baat Hai, Good Morning."

"Jab Tak Tum Darte Rahoge, Tumhari Zindagi Ke Faisale Koi Or Leta Rahega.....Suprabhaat."
"Khushiyo Se Har Pal Ho Aapki Mulaakaat, Isliye Muskura Kar Karna Din Ki Shuruwat.....Good Morning, Have A Sweet & Lovely Day."

37 Best Inspirational Good morning Quotes & Wishes For WhatsApp

"Yesterday Is Gone, Tomorrow Is A Difficulty, Today Is A Blessing, Live Your Present Moments, Good Morning."
"Success Is Not Just A Strength Of How Big You Can Dream, It Is Also A Strength Of How Much You Can Do, Good Morning."
"You Have No Idea, How Good It Feels To Wake Up Every & Each Morning, Knowing You Are Mine & I Am Yours, Have A Lovely Day."
"Stop Thinking That How Much More You Can Sleep, And Start Thinking About How Much More You Can Do, Good Morning."

"The Biggest Determinant Of Motivation Are Your Own Thoughts, So Think Big & Motivate Yourself To Win, Have A Sweet Morning."
"Tension Is The Poison Of Ambition... So No More Tension, Have Full Consideration On Your Ambition, You Will Be In Good Position."
"May Flash Of The Morning Sunlight, The Fire In You To Achieve Big Things In Life, Good Morning."
"Wake Up Every Morning With The Thought, That Something Enjoyable Is About To Happen. Have A Beautiful Morning."

"If Yesterday Was A Good Day, Don't Stop, May Be Your Stream Has Just Begun, Good Day."

"Don't Wake Up With The Regret Of What You Couldn't Achieve Yesterday, Wake Up While Thinking About What You Will Be Able To Achieve Today."

"I Went To Sleep Last Night With A Sweet Smile Because I Knew I,d Be Dreaming Of You... But I Woke Up This Morning With A Smile Because You Weren't A Dream."
"When You Are Good To Others, You Will Receive It Back. When You Feel Good About Yourself, You Will Sparkle In Other Peoples Eyes. Give And Don't Expect Anything Back, You Will Be Astonished, Have A Nice Day."

"Love Is Blind, Specially In The Morning Because I Can't See A Damn Thing Before Having Tea, Good Morning."
"Cheap Attitude Is Like A Flat Tyre, You Can Not Reach Everywhere Until You Change."
"There Are Millions Of Ways To Express Love And As I Learn Them, You Will Feel More And More Blessed, Good Morning."
"Each Morning We Are Born Once More, What We Do Today Is What Matters Most, Have A Joyful Day."
"Success Comes To Those, Who Have The Backbone To Win Over Their Snooze Buttons. Wishing You An Awesome Morning."
"If You Feel Down Always, Recall That For As Long As Your Heart Is Still Beating. You Still Have A Purpose In This Life, Have A Nice Day."
"If You Feel Down Always, Recall That For As Long As Your Heart Is Still Beating. You Still Have A Purpose In This Life, Have A Great Day."
"I Don't Believe In Age, I Believe In Energy. Don't Let Age Direction What You Can Or Can Not Do, Have A Great Morning."
"Sometimes Prayer Does Not Change The Situation. But It Changes Our Attitude Toward The Situation, & Gives Us Hope Wich Changes Our Whole Life."

"The Most Useful Resource Of A Person Is Not A Head Full Of Knowledge But A Heart Full Of Love. With Ears Open To Listen, & Hands Willing To Help. Good Morning."

"Hello, Friend Wake Up, & Recieve My Small Gift Of Good Morning, Wrapped With Sincerity, Tied With Care & Sealed With A Prayer To Keep U Safe & Happy."

"Hey Sleeping Heart, & Come From The Dreams, New Day Has Been Started, Welcome To Another Lovely Morning, Have A Nice Day."
"The Key Of Being Happy Is Accepting Where You’re In Life And Making The Foremost Out Of Every beautiful Day."
"Sun Glows For A Day, Candle For An Hour, Matchstick For A Minute, But A Good Day Can Glow Forever, So Start Your Day With A Sweet Smile, Good Morning."
" May You Begin This Day With A Lovely Smile On Your Face, & With Happiness For Your Spirit To Embrace, Good Morning My Friend."
"Each New Day Is A New Chapter Of Life, Bringing New Topics, New Moments For Life, I Wish Today All The Best Moments Approach Way To Make Your Day Wonderful. Happy Morning."
"No Shadows To Upset You, Only Joys To Surround You, Friends To Love You, & God Bless You, Today, Tomorrow & Everyday, Good Morning."

"Good Morning 'Just For You', 'Must For You', 'First For You', Nothing To Wish, Nothing To Say...Always Be Happy, Its My Pray, Have A Nice Day."
" I Just Love When Morning Gets Here Because I Can Send A Beautiful Good Morning Sms To My Best Friend, What A Lovely Way To Start My Day"
"The Sun Has Once Brought Brightness To Earth, Lazy Guys, Its Time To Wake Up, Good Morning."
"An Honest Smile From A Smiling Heart, Crossing Many Kilometres, Has Now Reached To Your Inbox, Wishing You A Very Happy Good Morning."
"All Morning Are Like Paintings - You Need A Little Inspiration To Get Going, A cute Smile To Brighten Up & Sms From Somebody Who Cares To Colors Your Day... Good Morning,... Have A Nice Day."
"A Morning Is A Wonderful Blessing Either Cloudy Or Sunny, It Stands For Hope, Giving Us Another begins Of What We Call Life, Have A Great Morning."

" The Bright Sun Had Raised From The East, All Birds Are Singing Happily, Butterflies Around The Flowers, It Is Time To Wake Up & Give A Big Yawning & Say Good Morning To You."