Good Morning Quotes for Whatsapp Status in English

GOod Morning Quotes for WhatsApp Status in English on Love, Happiness, Motivational, Life.  Wish your loved ones and dear ones with warm GOod Morning WhatsApp Status by sending them images or Quotes.

"I hope your day is amazing as you are Good Morning."
"Lovely days don't come to you, You should walk them to make it lovely- Good Morning."
"It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop- Good Morning."
"Love the life you live, live the life you love."


"No matter how Good or Bad your life is, wake up each morning and be THANKYOU that you still have one."
"SELF belief & Hard work will always earn you SUCCESS- Good Moning!."
"I just want to come over, hug you tight, kiss you and say Good Morning."
"Being in love with you makes every morning worth getting up for you, Good Morning sweatheart."
"A rose indicates i love you, A smile indicates i like you, A tear indicates i miss for you, but a message indicates i remember you always. Good Morning."

Romantic Good Morning quotes for couples.

"Are you looking for romantic good morning quotes for your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife then you came at the right place."
"Every morning I wake up, I realize that you are the best thing that happened to me."
"Every morning reminds me of how lucky i am to have someone like special like you."
"This morning i wake up wanting soem kisses from you, so though I'd send my love to make you smile when you wake."
" Nothing is more important than your smile as the first thing in the morning to me!"
"I don't dream of going to heaven anymore, becuase i have you in my life. Good Morning My Love!"
"Another beautiful day and i would love to spend with my love."
"Every moment spend with you is a Happy Moment, Good Morning Beautiful."
"Good Morning to the beat of my heart and life of my soul."
"Their is only one remedies to the shivery mornings, and a tight warm cuddly hug from you, Good Morning."
"You were the first thing came in my mind as i woke up, Good Morning sweatheart."
"I don't know what is more romantic, the thought of meetoing you soon or the dream I had about you last night, Good Morning my future hubby."
" Good Morning- this is not just a greeting, It signifies a hope that the beautiful morning will bring a smile on your face and happnies in your life."
"Rise up, start fresh see, the bright opportunity in each day."
" Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, So love the ones who treats you right and forget about the ones that don't."
"People should be blessed in life with friends, who are both mirrors and shadows! Mirrors don't lie and shadows never leave! Good Morning"

39 Great Inspirational Good Morning Wishes & Sayings In English 2020

" Blessing Of Grace & Peace, Be With You Today, Tomorrow, & Everyday, Good Morning. "
" Good Morning, May Your Cup Filled With Happiness & Blessing S Today, Have A Good Day."
"If Somebody Wants To Be A Part Of Your Life, They Will Seriously Make An Effort To Be In It, No Reasons, No Excuses, Good Morning. "
"A Beautiful Life Does Not, Just Happens, It Is Build Everyday By.....Wishes, Prayers, Humility, Sacrifice & Love. Have A Sweet Morning."
"Difficult Road, Often Advantage To Beautiful Destinations, Have A Great Morning."
"Every Day Is A New Beginning, Take A Deep Breath, Smile & Start Again, Have A Fresh Morning. "




"All The Complications Are Stuck Between, Mind & Matter, If Don't Mind, It Doesn't Matter, Have A Wonderful Day. "
"Every Day Hold The Possibility Of A Surprise, Good Morning, Have A Great Day. "
"Sometimes The Greatest, Test In Life Is Being Able To Bless Somebody Else While Going Through Your Own Disturbance. Have A Nice Day. "
"A Happy Person Is Happy, Because Everything Is Alright In His Life, He Is Happy Because His Attitude Towards Everything In His Life Is Alright. Good Morning. "

"The Greatest Motivation You Can Ever Get Is To Know, That You Are Motivate To Others, Wake Up & Starts Living A Motivational Life Today."
"The World Is Full Of Nice Persons If You Can't Find One, Be One..... Good Morning."
"Recall, Who You Really Are Today, Know That You Too Have The Power Of Overcome, Anything You May Be Facing, Its Time For You To Rising & Shine."
"The Line Between Failure & Success Is Admirable, That We Are Often On The Line And Do Not Know It. Have A Good Day."
"Sending The Warmest Wishes Your Way, Let Them Brighten Up Your Day, Just Like Morning Sun Rays, Good Morning."

"Good Morning "
"How To Have A Beautiful Day, Smile At Strangers, Slow Down Say Thank You, Give Lots Of Compliments, Dress Properly, Wear Perfume, Observe & Listen, Be Charming, Laugh Wish Others A Lovely Day."
"Being Happy Or Sad, Gloomy Or Exited, Moody Or Permanent, Are Options That Are Presented To You Each Morning, You Just Have To Make The Right Choice, Have A Nice Day."
"When You Arise In The Morning, Think Of What A Precious Opportunity It Is To Be Alive, To Breath, To Think, To Enjoy, To Love. Good Morning."


"Stop Thinking Of What Cloud Go Wrong & Start Thinking Of What Cloud Right. Good Morning, Have A Beautiful Day."
"When You Do Something Special & Nobody Noticed, Do Not Be Sad, For The Sun Every Morning Is A Beautiful Spectacle And Yet Most Of The Public Stills Sleeps."
"Every Day Is A New Stating, A New Blessing, A New Hope, Its Perfect Day, Because Its God Gift, Have A Blessed, Hopeful, Perfect Day To Tart With Smily Morning."
"Good Morning, Life Laughs At You When You Are Upset, Life Smiles At You When You Are Happy, But Life Salutes You When You Make Happy Others."
"Every Sunset, Gives Us One Day Less To Live But Every Sunrise Gives Us One Day More To Hope, So Hope For The Best, Good Day & Good Luck."
"Gods Greatest Blessing Is Waking You Up, That's How Fabulous He Is, That's How He Shows His Love, Good Morning."
"Every Morning Starts A New Chapter In Your Story, Make It A Great One Today."
"The Purpose Of Life Is To Live It To Taste Experience To The Utmost, To Reach Out Energetically & Without Foe Newer & Richer Experience. Have A Fabulous Day."
"Let Go Of All The Desires That frustrate Your Progress & Move, Towards Your Purpose, Have A Nice Day, Good Morning."


"The Way You Get Out Of Bed Will Lay The Infrastructure Of The Day That Lies Ahead, So Wake Up With A Cute Smile & Walk Out With A Bounce In Your Step."
"The Beauty Of The Morning Is Wasted On Those Who Sleep Through It, Don't Be Like Them, Capture The Day, Make It Your Own, Get A Head Start On Those Who Waste The Beauty Freely Guaranteed To Them. Have A Good Day."
"Each New Morning Gives You Chance To Learn, To Strive & To Be Better, Then You Were The Day Before."
"Saying "
"The Morning Sparkles Upon Everyone The Same, Its Beauty Is For Rich Or Poor Alike, You Are Not Less Than Anyone Else In The Eyes Of The Morning."
"Night Tells You Everything Is Gloomy, But Morning Brings The Msg Of Hope & That Things Are Not As Bad As They Seem, Good Morning."


"The Morning Is Not The Enemy Sent To Torture Us, It Has Been Designed To Help Us, The Morning Gives us Some Quit Time Of Reflection, So W Can Improve Ourselves."
"Greet The Morning Right & You, Will Feel Damaging About Yourself, It Is An Attitude You Can Use When Relating To Others, Treat Them Right, & Y0u Will Feel Good About Yourself."

37 Best Inspirational Good morning Quotes & Wishes For WhatsApp

"Yesterday Is Gone, Tomorrow Is A Difficulty, Today Is A Blessing, Live Your Present Moments, Good Morning."
"Success Is Not Just A Strength Of How Big You Can Dream, It Is Also A Strength Of How Much You Can Do, Good Morning."
"You Have No Idea, How Good It Feels To Wake Up Every & Each Morning, Knowing You Are Mine & I Am Yours, Have A Lovely Day."
"Stop Thinking That How Much More You Can Sleep, And Start Thinking About How Much More You Can Do, Good Morning."

"The Biggest Determinant Of Motivation Are Your Own Thoughts, So Think Big & Motivate Yourself To Win, Have A Sweet Morning."
"Tension Is The Poison Of Ambition... So No More Tension, Have Full Consideration On Your Ambition, You Will Be In Good Position."
"May Flash Of The Morning Sunlight, The Fire In You To Achieve Big Things In Life, Good Morning."
"Wake Up Every Morning With The Thought, That Something Enjoyable Is About To Happen. Have A Beautiful Morning."

"If Yesterday Was A Good Day, Don't Stop, May Be Your Stream Has Just Begun, Good Day."

"Don't Wake Up With The Regret Of What You Couldn't Achieve Yesterday, Wake Up While Thinking About What You Will Be Able To Achieve Today."

"I Went To Sleep Last Night With A Sweet Smile Because I Knew I,d Be Dreaming Of You... But I Woke Up This Morning With A Smile Because You Weren't A Dream."
"When You Are Good To Others, You Will Receive It Back. When You Feel Good About Yourself, You Will Sparkle In Other Peoples Eyes. Give And Don't Expect Anything Back, You Will Be Astonished, Have A Nice Day."

"Love Is Blind, Specially In The Morning Because I Can't See A Damn Thing Before Having Tea, Good Morning."
"Cheap Attitude Is Like A Flat Tyre, You Can Not Reach Everywhere Until You Change."
"There Are Millions Of Ways To Express Love And As I Learn Them, You Will Feel More And More Blessed, Good Morning."
"Each Morning We Are Born Once More, What We Do Today Is What Matters Most, Have A Joyful Day."
"Success Comes To Those, Who Have The Backbone To Win Over Their Snooze Buttons. Wishing You An Awesome Morning."
"If You Feel Down Always, Recall That For As Long As Your Heart Is Still Beating. You Still Have A Purpose In This Life, Have A Nice Day."
"If You Feel Down Always, Recall That For As Long As Your Heart Is Still Beating. You Still Have A Purpose In This Life, Have A Great Day."
"I Don't Believe In Age, I Believe In Energy. Don't Let Age Direction What You Can Or Can Not Do, Have A Great Morning."
"Sometimes Prayer Does Not Change The Situation. But It Changes Our Attitude Toward The Situation, & Gives Us Hope Wich Changes Our Whole Life."

"The Most Useful Resource Of A Person Is Not A Head Full Of Knowledge But A Heart Full Of Love. With Ears Open To Listen, & Hands Willing To Help. Good Morning."

"Hello, Friend Wake Up, & Recieve My Small Gift Of Good Morning, Wrapped With Sincerity, Tied With Care & Sealed With A Prayer To Keep U Safe & Happy."

"Hey Sleeping Heart, & Come From The Dreams, New Day Has Been Started, Welcome To Another Lovely Morning, Have A Nice Day."
"The Key Of Being Happy Is Accepting Where You’re In Life And Making The Foremost Out Of Every beautiful Day."
"Sun Glows For A Day, Candle For An Hour, Matchstick For A Minute, But A Good Day Can Glow Forever, So Start Your Day With A Sweet Smile, Good Morning."
" May You Begin This Day With A Lovely Smile On Your Face, & With Happiness For Your Spirit To Embrace, Good Morning My Friend."
"Each New Day Is A New Chapter Of Life, Bringing New Topics, New Moments For Life, I Wish Today All The Best Moments Approach Way To Make Your Day Wonderful. Happy Morning."
"No Shadows To Upset You, Only Joys To Surround You, Friends To Love You, & God Bless You, Today, Tomorrow & Everyday, Good Morning."

"Good Morning 'Just For You', 'Must For You', 'First For You', Nothing To Wish, Nothing To Say...Always Be Happy, Its My Pray, Have A Nice Day."
" I Just Love When Morning Gets Here Because I Can Send A Beautiful Good Morning Sms To My Best Friend, What A Lovely Way To Start My Day"
"The Sun Has Once Brought Brightness To Earth, Lazy Guys, Its Time To Wake Up, Good Morning."
"An Honest Smile From A Smiling Heart, Crossing Many Kilometres, Has Now Reached To Your Inbox, Wishing You A Very Happy Good Morning."
"All Morning Are Like Paintings - You Need A Little Inspiration To Get Going, A cute Smile To Brighten Up & Sms From Somebody Who Cares To Colors Your Day... Good Morning,... Have A Nice Day."
"A Morning Is A Wonderful Blessing Either Cloudy Or Sunny, It Stands For Hope, Giving Us Another begins Of What We Call Life, Have A Great Morning."

" The Bright Sun Had Raised From The East, All Birds Are Singing Happily, Butterflies Around The Flowers, It Is Time To Wake Up & Give A Big Yawning & Say Good Morning To You."

Sweet Good Morning SMS In English

Today Is A Beautiful Morning So Make Sure You Do Not Allow Anyone That Makes Your Soul Down. Always Stay Happy And Smile At Life And It Shall Retaliate By Smiling Back At You And Making Your Day Even Beautiful. Good Morning!

"Happy Are Those Who Take Life
Day By Day, Complain Very Little &
Are Thankful For The Little Things In The Life
Have A Good Day.

"Life Is A Tour The Only Problems
Is That Is Doesn’t Come With A Map,
We Have To Search For Our Own Routes
To Search For Our Destination
Good Morning.

"Tackle Life With All Your Skills,
To Overcome Each & Every Hill.
If You Persist With All Your Wish, You Will
Enjoy Your Life, So Just Chill
Have A Nice Day.

"Life Never Seems To Be The Way We Want It,
But We Live It The Best Way We Can,
There Is No Perfect Life But Can Enjoy It With Perfect Moments
Good Day.

"There Is Nothing More Beautiful,
Than Someone Who Goes Not Of Their Way,
To Make Life Beautiful For Others......Good Morning.

"Welcome To The New & Fresh Morning,
With A Sweet Smile On Your Face,
Love In Your Heart, Good Thoughts In Your Mind,
Wish U A Lovely Morning Always.

"Find A Little Enjoy In The Morning,
And Your Heart Will Be Lighter,
The Rest Of The Day,
Good Morning

"Always Believe That Something Wonderful,
Is Going To Happen, Even With All The Ups & Downs,
Never Take A Day For Guaranteed,
Entertain The Little Things, & Hug The One's Love,
Have A Wonderful Day.

"Good Morning May Your Day Be Filled
With Moments That Make You Happy
Enjoy Your Lovely And Beautiful Day.

"No Matter How Educated, Talented, Rich Or Smart
You Believe You Are,
How You Treat People Ultimately Tells All
Honesty Is Everything.

"Every New Morning Is God’s Way
Of Telling, One More Time Go Make A
Difference Touch One’s Heart, Encourage One’s Mind
Inspire One’s Soul & Enjoy The Day.

"Thought Of The Day With Trust Even Silence Is
Understood, Without Trust, Every Word Is Misunderstood
Trust Is The Soul Of Perfect Relation.

"Never Think, I Have Nothing
Never Think, I Have Everything,
But, Always Think, I Have Something
I Can Accomplish Everything.

"I Went To Sleep Last Night With The Smile,
Because I Knew That Is Be Dreaming Of You,
But I Woke Up This Morning With A Sweet Smile,
Because You Were Not A Dream.

"People Save Good Memories In Pendrive,
And Bad Memories In Mind.
Just Change The Place,
Life Will Automatically Change,
Have A Beautiful Morning.

"Think About The Dreams
You Had Last Night
To Bring Your Lazy Morning A Wonderful One.
Good Day

"Don't Begin Your Day With The Broken
Things Of Yesterday, Every Morning We Wake Up,
Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Our Life.

"Sending You Millions Of Smilies,
Take One Each & Every Morning,
Because I Want To See You Happy & Smiling Always,
Have A Bless Day

"Every Little Smile Can Touch Someone’s Heart
No One Is Born Happy
But All Of Us Are Born With The
Ability To Create Enjoyment.

"Every Morning You Have A New
Opportunity, To Become A Variant Of Yourself
Have A Nice Day.

"Everyday May Not Be The Same,
But There Is Something Good In Everyday.
Have A Great Morning.

"My Morning Wishes Consists Of
Hugging You, Smiling You, Kissing You,
Telling You, You Are Mine.

"Life Is Beautiful One Day, One Hour & One Minute
Will Not Come Again In Your Whole Life,
Ignore Fight & Speak Delightful To Everyone.
Good Morning

"Our Days Are Happier,
When We Give People A Little of Our Heart
Rather Than A Piece Of Our Mind.
Good Morning

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Person, May You Have A Package Of Good Things
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Every Morning Is The Beautiful Part Of The Day. The Way We Start Our Day Define How We Spend Our Day. So, In Order To Start The Day With Good Thoughts And Messages, You Can Share Sweet Good Morning Quotes With Your Friends, Family Members, And Relatives.